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Parliamentary Procedure
Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority for all mat-
ters of procedure for Association, not specifcally covered by its Constitution or
SECTION 1. Except as otherwise determined and announced by the Presi-
dent, regular meetings of the general membership shall be held on the 2nd
Wednesday of February, March, April, October and November.
SECTION 2. Prior to the meeting date, a notice of the meeting shall be mailed
to all members.
The amount of annual dues shall be determined by the executive board and
announced at the November meeting of the Association. All dues are to be paid
to the association at or before the March meeting, to avoid suspension of mem-
bership. Past Presidents shall have their annual membership dues waived.
All benefts established are provided as long as the Association is fnancially
sound in the opinion of the Executive Board. Members may be entitled to one
and only one of the following benefts:
1. Scholarship or
2. Retirement or
3. Death Beneft
The extent of benefts provided shall be determined by the Executive Board.
Only persons who have been members of the Association for no less than the
immediately prior fve (5) consecutive years shall be eligible to receive benefts.
Nomination and Election of Offcers and Executive Board
SECTION 1- Nomination of Offcers shall be made at the October meeting by a
committee of three members appointed by the President. Any party desiring to
be a prospective candidate shall so advise the President during the course of
the year so his or her name may be considered by the Nominating committee.
At the October meeting, the Nominating Committee will furnish the prospective
candidates for each available vacancy on the Executive Board. Additional nomi-
nations will also be accepted from the foor at the October meeting.