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SECTION 2. The Offcers of the Association, as set forth in the Constitution.
shall be elected by majority vote of the members present at the November meet-
ing. The offce of President must be flled by a member who has served at least
one term on the prior Executive Board. No Offcers shall be elected to succeed
Duties of Offcers
SECTION 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and
shall serve as Chair of the Executive Board and shall, at all times, have general
direction of the affairs of the Association. He or she shall, with the advice and
consent of the Executive Board, annually appoint all Committees of the Associa-
tion and name the Chairman of each. He or she shall be a member of all Com-
SECTION 2. The Secretary shall, under the direction of the President, conduct
the general correspondence of the Association and be responsible for the min-
utes. He or she shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings
of the Association and of the Executive Board. All permanent records, except
those of the Treasurer, shall be maintained by the Secretary.
SECTION 3. The Treasurer shall keep records of all deposits and receipts of the
Association, make disbursements of funds as directed by the Executive Board
and perform a monthly reconciliation of the Association’s checking account and
balance on hand and render a monthly report to the Executive Board. He or she
shall deliver to his successor all funds, securities, and records in his or her keep-
ing, within thirty days following the election of his or her successor.
SECTION 4. The Assistant Treasurer shall collect all funds for dues or Associa-
tion-sponsored events and make deposits in a bank account as so directed by
the Executive Board, and shall on no less than a monthly basis turn over to the
Treasurer all original records of all deposits made on behalf of the Association.
The Assistant Treasurer shall also keep a complete copy of all deposit records of
the Association and shall deliver such copies to the designated auditor on an an-
nual basis.
SECTION 5. The records of the Association will be maintained as follows;
The Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining full and complete trea-
sury records of the previous three predecessors. The Secretary will be responsi-
ble for maintaining the minutes of all previous meetings, maintaining all beneft
records, and all membership cards of the Association.
SECTION 6. There shall be an annual audit of all treasury records conducted by
an independent auditor selected by the Executive Board. The auditor’s report
shall be provided to the Executive Board and made available for inspection to
members of the Association upon request.