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NYCM Insurance - Branch 4
3815 California Road
Orchard Park, NY 14127-2239
Fax: 607-965-2136
24/7: 800-234-6926
National Fire Adjustment Company, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
One NFA Park
Amherst, NY 14228-1187
Fax 716-689-7768
Ronald D. Papa, JD Chairman
Ronald J. Papa, SPPA, President
John Donnelly, Executive Director
Angelo Puccio, Manager
John A. McCoulf, Executive General Adjuster
William J. Troy, Regional General Adjuster
Joseph P. Riscili, General Adjuster
Daniel P. Graff, General Adjuster
Joseph P. Braunscheidel, Licensed Adjuster
Jodie A. Papa, Licensed Adjuster
Robert A. Herington, RPA, Branch Manager,
Ext 6004
Timothy J Fox, Property Manager, Ext 6003
Jack Foy, Casualty Manager,
Ext 6037
Todd Johnson, AIC, Assistant Property Loss Mgr
Ext 7610
Jeffrey Zapp, CPCU, ARM-P, AIC, Assistant
Casualty Claims Mgr
Ext 6056
Deborah M. Hess, AIC, RPA, CPIW, Marketing,
Ext 6044
Mary Dunbar, Supervisor, Examiner, Ext 6036
E Mary Ann Hartman,
Ext 6027
E Kathleen Wittman,
Ext 6041
SSE Nadine Aldridge,
Ext 6014
TE Maryann Langlie,
Ext 6040
TE Kim Larivey,
Ext 6010
CER Janice Longbine,
Ext 6042
CER Tiffany Taylor,
Ext 6033
T/L Debbie Lawrence,
Ext 6018
MRE Pamella Simpson,
Ext 6046
MRE Deb Stubley,
Ext 6025
E Connie Barrett,
Ext 7613
E Donald Kaczmarek,
Ext 3199
E Michelle Nasternak,
Ext 2691
E Thomas Symons, CPCU,
Ext 6011
E Ronald Weber,
Ext 7609
E Julie Copella,
Ext 6017
E Marybeth Leffer,
Ext 6016
CER Pat Colucci, AIS
Ext 7287
CER Lisa Osika, AIS
Ext 6063
Special Investigation Unit:
Mike Mura, SCLA,
Ext 6000
Corporate Manager:
Geraldine Catanzaro,
Ext 6012
Office Manager:
Beverly Taylor,
Ext 7603
PC Support:
Bob Docteur,
Ext 6054
Christopher Fox,
Ext 1672