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Probe Services Professional Investigations
Corporate Offce
PO Box 815
Buffalo, NY 14225
Fax 716-834-2495
Michael Reitano, President
Joseph J. Hunger III, Vice President
Kenneth A. Horton, Vice President
Craig M. O’Donnell, Operations Manager
Yuri Phuntner, Investigation Manager
Richard Chenez, Investigation Manager
Andrea Thomas, Marketing Manager
Matthew Martoccio, Albany Regional Field Manager
Shane Leibeck, Rochester Regional Field Manager
Thomas Donegan, Syracuse Regional Field Manager
William Carrig, Binghamton Regional Field Manager
Christopher Scoville, Florida Regional Field Manager
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
6699 Transit Road
Suite 150
Fax 716-565-7035
Williamsville, NY 14221
John Sion, Claims Manager
Jeff Dynarski, Service Center Manager